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We’re delighted to welcome a whole raft of new partners onboard for CTRLshift: An Emergency Summit for Change. Our fantastic co-organising team have been working non-stop to ensure that the right organisations will be represented in the room at the event in March. Each partner brings a new perspective to the table and will contribute massively to the work taking place.

A selection of our new partners can be found below:

Cooperatives UK Logo

Co-operatives UK is the network for thousands of co-operative businesses worth £36 billion to the economy. Our mission is to grow the co-operative economy and together we work to promote, develop and unite co-operatives across all sectors, from major high street retailers and large agricultural businesses to community owned pubs and credit unions.

Find out more:

Real Farming Trust Logo


The Fund for Enlightened Agriculture is a project of the Real Farming Trust (RFT) a charity concerned with food sovereignty and sustainable farming (in particular, the practice of agroecology). The mission of RFT  is to enable the growth of farming and food production practices that are economically sound and democratic, socially just, humane to animals, and promote the long-term protection of natural resources. RFT organise the annual Oxford Real Farming Conference each January.


Finance Innovation Lab Logo

The Finance Innovation Lab incubates the people, ideas and movements building a financial system that serves people and planet. We work with innovators developing new business models, campaigners calling for change in the rules of the game, and mainstream professionals who want to change finance from the inside.

We’re also grateful for the financial support of the Solidarity Economy Association, Shared Assets, Co-ops UK, Shared Futures CIC and Transition Billinge and Orrel in helping make this event happen!

You can see our full list of partners confirmed to date using the slider below, with more being added every week!

If you want to be involved in this emergent process for change and whatever comes out of it, make sure you book your place at the Summit today.

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