Catalysing a movement of organisations and networks for positive change.

Times are changing

Corona virus and Brexit has destroyed all certainties we have about the future.

Combined with the threat of imminent climate change and ongoing environmental degradation, growing inequality and deepening divides, this is an increasingly uncertain time.

CTRLshift can connect you up with other organisations and networks to have a much larger impact.

A better future already exists

Our organisations and networks are already creating a future that’s more inclusive, collaborative, and aims to benefit everyone across the UK.

We share many core values but we can achieve much more if we coordinated our work together and had a shared voice.

CTRLshift can help maximise your impact through collaborative working.

Shaping our future together

We are all part of an ecosystem working to reform the system and build practical alternatives.

We can work together to shift political, economic and cultural power away from the status quo to local communities create a better future for all.

CTRLshift can help you to make the changes you want to see in the world.

Get Involved


Meet other organisations working to create the changes we want to all see.

Organise together

Lets have more impact by sharing skills, strategies and opportunities.

Map yourself

Put yourself on the map so we can all see each other and connect past the usual suspects.


Think and do tank

Scoping out the needs of our movements and identifying resources already held by ourselves and others.

Exchanges for change

CTRLshift has embarked on a new programme of activity with partners Stoke Ctrl Shift City (SCSC). The exchanges are a set of time-limited projects with communities in Stoke planned for 2020, where a range of short consultancies, workshops, events and activities will be undertaken – aiming to provide maximum impact with the communities and community groups involved.

Map yourself

What does a self-organising movement of organisations and networks aiming to build local economic and political power look like? How are we related? What are we doing? What knowledge and skills do we bring?

We think mapping ourselves is a useful way to answer questions like these and to help create the conditions for greater self-organising and self-aligning amongst and between all of us working for change. Let’s break down the silos that keep us apart and work together, intelligently, developing like an abundant ecosystem of change.