Action Database

Action Database – National Partners

CTRLshift has been catalysing a movement of organisations and networks for positive change in order to create a new world through building community power and new forms of infrastructure. Part of the way we do this involves bringing together organisations at a national level through the Action Database project to increase our collective impact.

The Action Database was set up as a way of organisations quickly sharing their plans, activities with each other in order to identify:

  • Synergies: between work that could lead to collaborative working.
  • Opportunities: potential new areas of work, or ways of building on existing work in partnership with others.
  • Solidarity: ways that organisations could support each other’s work. Such as promoting training, campaigns, providing access to our audiences etc.

This was born out of the experience of having meetings with other organisations to see if there were any potential areas of collaboration. Often there would be but these meetings took time so we thought is there a better way to do this and the Action Database idea was born. It works by organisations responding to a survey related to areas of potential collaboration, the responses then go into a shared database that all participants can access. This means organisations can see potential areas of collaboration quickly and then connect where relevant, as well as seeing trends and themes that could be responded to collaboratively. 
If you are an organisation acting nationally or with national focus and are interested in being involved in the action database project contact us on