Community Night Walk at CTRLshift 2019

Community Night Walk as part of the CTRL SHIFT SUMMIT

Date: Wednesday, 8th May meet at 6.45 at Pot Bank Café, Spode Factory for a 7pm Departure.

This will be a round route, ending back at the Pot Bank Café at 8pm.

What is it?

Community Night Walks are informative, meandering walks at a time of day when some people avoid the streets. The idea came from the “Reclaim the Night” women’s campaign, broadened out for anyone who wants to explore the city’s streets in safety at night.

Each walk is studded with a series of “Human Noticeboards” – local group representatives, organisers, makers and doers and practitioners who speak for around two minutes about their interests and activities, and ways that people can get involved. They range from straight informative delivery, to personal anecdotes, to singing. People can find out more from our human noticeboards as the walk continues.

The walks provide an opportunity to learn about activity happening in the city, activate the streets at night, and find ways of being together, and sharing what we do.

Every walk ends with a body-warming cuppa at a local community venue, and chance for any last conversations and connections to be made – previous end points have included AirSpace Gallery, Stoke Baptist Centre and Spode factory when the British Ceramic Biennial was on.


CTRLshift: An Emergency Summit for Change 2, takes place this year in Stoke on Trent over 8-10 May 2019. The previous Summit was held in Wigan in 2018.

CTRL SHIFT seek to catalyse a network of change-making organisations, networks and independent practitioners, creating a movement for positive social, economic and environmental change. CTRL SHIFT are developing a shared agenda to shift power over our democracy, economy and environment to people and communities across Britain.

CTRLshift is about collaboration across sectors, about big picture thinking. The change they describe embraces everything from social justice issues to climate change; a new economy to a more open democracy. They want representatives of the whole system in the room.

The night walk is an opportunity to share some of the fantastic projects, action and development happening here in Stoke-on-Trent with a national network, with the potential of creating important links and connections with people from across the UK.

The Community Night Walk is organised by Penny Vincent (Staffordshire University and All The Small Things) and Anna Francis (Staffordshire University and AirSpace Gallery.)

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