The world we want to help create

We wish to move away from a dystopian future of social and climate collapse created by a system which exploits individual and environment. 

We are claiming the freedom to act together to build a better world for all people. 

A world in which as individuals we are embedded within communities of place where we find agency and spiritual fulfilment. All within this place are able to participate in its creation, in recognition of our essential equality and unity as human beings. 

In this world, we meet regularly in safe and beautiful spaces, to talk, play, create, learn. We meet in democratic forums, where we are involved in the decisions that affect our lives. We confederate with neighbouring communities to make decisions at regional and national scale. We feel a sense of ownership and responsibility to the place we belong, and we give back to it.

In this world, we have regular contact with nature. Our land is owned and managed in common, so that the wellbeing of all members of the community is guaranteed.We understand that we are inextricable from our environment, and we are responsible for stewarding it for the benefit of all beings, current and future. Preserving and restoring biodiversity, mitigating and adapting to climate change, are further priorities. 

In this world, any enterprise we undertake serves the community’s well being and operates within the confines of sustainability. We collaborate in worker owned, shared governance cooperatives. We have warm, low-carbon homes. Our energy is renewable. Our transport is green. Our food is mostly local. Change makers compete to find better answers to the issues we face, with the love of their trade and the benefit to their community, as their reward. 

In this world, most of us are happy, most of the time.