CTRLshift Summit Report 2018

We have recently published our report from CTRLshift 2018 that seeks to collate findings and gather up some of the energy and connections built up at the Summit.

The report is free to view and download via Google Drive.

A few headlines from the event were:

  • 149 attendees
  • 90+ organisations present
  • A series of structured conversations and open space sessions that allowed us to share information and plans for how we might actually work together around a series of ‘cardinal questions’, ie those issues that if unlocked could allow breakthroughs that would lead to an increase in our potential – e.g. land access
  • Many new relationships and connections between attendees leading to new initiatives for their networks
  • A number of emerging projects related to taking the whole process forwards, with many people stepping forwards to help develop the CTRLshift process in the coming year.

More on all this can be found in the report.